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Life Admin.

'Life Admin', 'Personal Paperwork',
'Household Accounts'... Whatever you call it, Doqit can help you get on top of it all.

Would you like to be notified when your subscriptions and warranties are about expire? When insurances are due for renewal, and have all the info there at your fingertips too?

Yes? Then Doqit is for you!
Life Admin, Personal Paperwork, Household Accounts... Whatever you call it, Doqit can help you get on top of it all.

Would you like to be notified when your subscriptions and warranties are about expire, when insurances are due for renewal, and have the paperwork there too?

Yes? Then Doqit's for YOU!
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Start reducing the time, unnecessary cost and stress of your life admin now!

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For Your Team

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why Doqit is a relevant benefit designed to genuinely help you help your people.

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How Doqit can help you

How Doqit helps you

1. Doqit will help you
save time

Simply and easily organise the areas of your life where life admin needs doing, like insurance renewals.
Pop in the information or documents into your chosen category, set the date when this needs to be actioned and feel good that Doqit will give you a friendly nudge when you need to do it.

2. Doqit will help you reduce unnecessary spend

All your reminders in one place for your easy at-a-glance understanding and management.
Tailor reminders for warranties, subscriptions, even vehicle obligations with time to spare. Stay on track with Doqit and avoid unnecessary spend, or even fines!

3. Doqit will help you eliminate life admin overwhelm

Move from chaotic clutter to ease and simplicity. No more tearing your hair out trying to find that vital piece of information that was clipped to the fridge, in the box below the bed, or the email attachment!
You can now easily and securely store all that, and more, in Doqit, safe in the knowledge you can access it in seconds.

A few other reasons why you'll love using Doqit

A few reasons why you'll love Doqit

1. You'll spend less time on admin

I never seem to have enough time to get on top of my life admin, we hear you say!

Our lives are busy, and we have more paperwork and tasks to attend to than ever before. Doqit puts those tasks, gives you nudges and reminders when things need doing and has the paperwork to hand in one place.You'll be on top of your life admin and have more time to do things you enjoy.

2. You'll reduce unnecessary spend

It’s frustrating when you forget to cancel or renew things like warranties and subscriptions. Forgetting to cancel can mean paying for something you don’t want and forgetting to renew can mean paying for something, like a repair, that you didn’t expect. With all your reminders on one dashboard, you'll instantly know what’s coming up. No more pinging calendars, post-it notes or unexpected cost!

3. You'll feel less stressed

Knowing Doqit is helping you stay on top of your life admin, reducing the overwhelm, and making sure none of your important dates fall off the radar will help reduce your stress.

Spending less time on your life admin, and more on the things you and your family enjoy will help reduce your stress.

And knowing you are not wasting money on unnecessary expense... you've got it... will help reduce your stress!

4. Doqit is here to support you at every step

We want you to know that we are here for you. Doqit is like having a friend in your pocket who you can trust, who's on your side and there to help you with those everyday life admin problems.

We have created FAQs that we will update with any questions you have, and are creating helpful videos to maximise your Doqit experience. If there's something else we can do, please do let us know.

5. Security

Information is stored securely. All uploaded information is encrypted, access is restricted to you and then only by multi factor authentication.  

Doqit employees or third parties do not have access to any of your information. We routinely monitor, perform vulnerability scans and audits to ensure the security of your information.

6. Your data stays your data

At Doqit, safeguarding your privacy is a top priority for us. We acknowledge your personal information is confidential and sensitive, and we are dedicated to protecting it.

Our organisation is built on privacy by design principles, which ensures that privacy is integral to our operations and always prioritised. Our Privacy Policies are fully aligned with both UK and EU GDPR Regulations, ensuring we meet or exceed the highest standards for data protection.

Join the life admin revolution

Doqit for you

We understand you have a busy life, you're often time poor, and things sometimes slip through the net often costing money you'd rather not spend.

Things like finding out the tv warranty's expired once it's broken, forgetting where you put your NHS number or remembering when your MOT is due. Everyday things that impact your life.

That’s why we’ve developed Doqit.

 To help you keep on top of your life admin by giving you a single place to easily
manage it... at your fingertips.

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Where Doqit helps you

Your home

Managing your home can feel like a full time job!

Would your life feel easier if you knew for sure when
your mortgage renewal date was, where your rental agreement is or when your fixed rate energy tariff expired?

Whether you own or rent your home, Doqit helps you keep it's management under control, putting all your important dates and paperwork in one place. At your fingertips.

Your vehicles

Cars, Vans, Motorbikes all come with a lot of paperwork, and legal obligations and duties.

Does having a reminder when your MOT, road tax, and insurance are due sound like something you'd find helpful?

From important dates, to a copy of your log book, service history and MOT certificates, Doqit helps you manage all your vehicle paperwork in one place. At your fingertips.

Your subscriptions
& warranties

Your Subscriptions & Warranties

Would you like some help managing your subscriptions and warranties?

Warranties are great, until you can't find them, and then realise they've expired! And with warranties for everything from kitchen goods, to electrical appliances and garden power tools they can be difficult to manage.

Similarly with subscriptions, so easy to sign up for free trial, then months later realise you're paying for something you didn't actually want.

Manage your subscriptions and warranties in one place. At your fingertips.

Doqit for your Team

Doqit for your employees

Would you like to give your people a benefit that can genuinely help them?

Doqit helps you support them to manage their personal life admin, helping them be more organised, reducing the time, cost and stress it brings.

Doqit enhances your overall employee benefit package, contributing to the overall well being of your people while supporting positive engagement.

To find out more...

Book a demo

Where Doqit helps your team


Do your team members have contracts, payslips, P60s, training records?

You can help them manage their employment paperwork and more,
making big things like applying for mortgage much less stressful - as they'll have all their payslips to hand.

Whether your team is large or small, keeping them engaged is more than a 9-5 job!

Doqit is here to help you help your people.


Do you have working parents in your team?

The chances are that they have an overwhelming amount of information
that needs managing for their children.

Everything from 'red book' information to school term times to inoculation dates - it's a lot for parents to manage, and can be incredibly stressful.

Support your working parents and help them manage their family information with Doqit.


Is your business part of a workplace pension scheme?

Often employees don't realise that their pension annual benefit statement can be critical in helping them effectively plan or make decisions about
their retirement and either don't know where they are or don't keep them.

With people having an average of 3 - 4 pensions, Doqit helps you support your people in planning their future.

What people are saying about Doqit 💥

What our users say about us

Louise A

"Having tested the prototype, I know Doqit is going to be such a great tool and will definitely help me manage my kids school info when I'm on the move.

Can't wait to see this go live!! 🚀"

Don M

"Doqit is a perfectly positioned and relevant offer.

Its decentralised nature allows it to be service and brand agnostic, thus serving the user as opposed to any service provider or other third party."

Jus M

"There are hundreds of uses I can think of for Doqit and I can’t wait.  

I’m sure I waste weeks in a year just searching through emails"

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