Simplify Your Life Admin

Tired of too many systems?  Keep missing renewal notices?  Fed up searching for important documents?

Let doqit Help

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On Time, Every Time

You'll never have to worry about forgetting important documents, renewals, updates, or tasks again.

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Always Accessible 

You'll have everything you need in one place - it's easy to add to, retrieve, and (automatically) keep updated.

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One Place

Keeping it simple is what doqit is all about. Swap life admin for life living, and swap clutter for clarity.

Save time, money, and stress...

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Save time

Paperwork across clouds, files and inboxes? We hear you. That's why we've created doqit, to give you one place to manage the paperwork that matters most.

Just enter your info, upload the paperwork, set any reminder dates, then relax. We'll nudge you when action is needed so nothing falls through the cracks.

Start doing the things you love with the time you'll save with doqit.

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Save money

The average household is leaking around £120 each month on things that are falling through the net. Let doqit help you stop wasting money on late fees, unwanted subscriptions and accidental renewals. 

One place for all your reminders, on time, every time. doqit customises your alerts making sure you never miss those vital dates.  No more unexpected charges or scrambling to meet deadlines.

Helping you have extra cash for your weekly shop or special treats.

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Reduce stress

No more last minute panic, niggling doubts or desperate digging through drawers and inboxes at the 11th hour. With doqit you know where it is. Securely stored, ready with easy, instant access.

From MOTs to Travel Insurance to your Washing Machine Warranty, simply pop it into doqit and breathe.

It's here.


Discover The doqit Advantage

Service Excellence Guaranteed

Count on Us
Your Trusted Pocket Pal!

At doqit, you’re at the heart of our service. And we’re your trusted partner, standing by your side. Need answers? Check our evolving FAQs. Want to know how? Watch our informative videos, or join our webinars. Your delight drives us. Share your thoughts and feedback, we're here to listen, understand, and improve.

Security Our Priority

Uncompromising Security
Our Commitment

Every uploaded document is encrypted. Access is solely yours, supported by multi-factor authentication. Your privacy is paramount. Neither doqit employees nor third parties can access your information. We're diligently monitoring and performing regular scans to ensure the unwavering security of your information.

Your Data Stays Your Data

Your Privacy

Your information is profoundly important. Safeguarding it is our prime responsibility. Privacy is at the core of doqit, woven into every operation through privacy by design principles. Our Privacy Policies comply with stringent UK & EU GDPR Regulations, ensuring the gold standard of data protection is not only met but exceeded.

Clever Storage

Discover admin efficiency

Streamline your chaos, with nudges and reminders precisely when you need them.

Active PA

Get it all together

Never forget to cancel a subscription or renew a warranty again with one helpful tool - Doqit.


Look after your family

Safeguarding and ensuring access
to your family's data


Uncompromised security

Every uploaded document is encrypted. Access is solely yours, supported by multi-factor authentication

Active PA

Service guarantee

Doqit is there to help and guide you. Ready to tackle life's admin challenges as they occur

Cloud Storage

Your data stays your data

Your information is profoundly important.
Safeguarding it is our prime responsibility

Start Simplifying Your Life Admin Today

Why doqit's The Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Life admin is a real headache for many of us. It eats up our time, costs us money, and can cause a ton of stress. And when life throws us a curveball, it all gets even tougher.

That's why we've created doqit.

We're here to help you tackle your life admin head on. doqit is all about making things easier, saving you money, and cutting down on stress. We've already come a long way, but we're just getting warmed up. We'd really love for you to join us on this journey, and see how we can make life a bit easier together.

60 mins

We spend on average 1 hour on  life admin...every day

365 hrs

That's 365 hours a year. The equivalent of 8 weekends.

120 £

Households leaking ~£120 / month. Equivalent of a weekly shop.

50 %

And causing over half of us to suffer admin overwhelm

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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Louise | Enablement Specialist

"I knew doqit would be a great tool to help me manage my mountain of admin, especially as I'm on the move so much. ‍I was right - it's a life-saver."

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User-Centric Solution

Don | Technologist | Educator

"doqit is a perfectly positioned and relevant offer. Its decentralised nature allows it to be service and brand agnostic, thus serving the user as opposed to any service provider or other third party."

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Time Saver

Jus | Mum | Entrepreneur

"There are hundreds of uses I can think of for doqit... I’m sure I wasted weeks in a year just searching through emails"

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Emmie | Mum of 4 | Founder, Investor, Advisor

"I believe this is a game-changer!'


Elegant Solution

Gareth | Investment Director

"An elegant solution to a universal problem."