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What's the problem?

Life throws a lot at us, from immediate family to the relatives we step up to care for, and everyone in between. Documents stack up, schedules clash, and the unexpected often seems to happen.
doqit is your ally in the beautiful tapestry of family life. Whether you're a parent by birth, by choice, or someone caring for
a loved one with needs, let doqit streamline the admin, putting order and control back into your hands.

Want less juggling & fewer surprises?

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Key Features

Wave bye-bye to those endless, stressful lists and start enjoying more organised family life.
Welcome doqit as your personal digital assistant, tailored to ease the life admin struggles busy parents and families face every day.
Start loving that sense of freedom as doqit efficiently perfects your life admin. That's the doqit difference.

Bill Tracking

Maintain financial control effortlessly; doqit monitors bills, subscriptions, and warranties, preventing missed payments or overpayments.

Document Organisation

Say farewell to chaos—doqit brings order to your life by consolidating all vital documents and information within one secure digital haven.

Critical Reminders

From managing your children's vaccinations to keeping an eye on warranty renewals, doqit ensures you’re always on top of those vital dates

Peace of Mind

Gain genuine peace of mind with doqit, giving you the freedom to savour precious moments with your family and friends

Use Cases

Discover how doqit is supporting these families to a more optimised life admin life.

The red book, school time tables, clubs – each one with their own set of documents, dates and requirements. With three children, Amanda needed more than the five fridge magnets and family calendar currently managing that lot. And that was before she’d even thought about the household admin. What she craved was a simple, easy way to stay on top of it all, so she could reinstate her yoga classes and get her zen back!

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Mum, Founder, Yogi

Being only child to aging parents, while raising two children found Andrew managing three lots of information, documents and diaries using coloured plastic boxes. Pink for Parents, Blue for Household, Yellow for Kids. In his words ‘mayhem’ and a full-time job on top of his role as Marketing Manager to a local transport company. What he needed was something to transport the mayhem to make life a little more black and white.

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Dad, Son, Marketing Manager

Sarah, a criminal lawyer is Aunt and full-time guardian of two children. One of them has a disability, and both attend different schools. Keeping track of the endless dates, forms and applications – from the blue badge, to disability living allowance, to parents evening has proven a challenge. Whilst Sarah’s PA helps, she wanted something that took that reliance away and put her in control of her family’s admin.

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Aunt, Guardian, Lawyer

As a freelance Events Producer, Theo found himself keeping track of his expenses, insurances, and receipts in envelopes that he carried from country to country in a flight case. A solution that left his partner tearing their hair out, especially on discovering that his Professional Indemnity had expired! Theo required a better travel companion that could nestle in his pocket and keep him on track ... and legal!

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Partner, Freelance Producer

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