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Managing your personal and home admin while juggling your job is overwhelming? Balancing work deadlines along with your own, topped with personal documentation and information, AND  trying to have a social life can be a recipe for burnout. You're not alone in the struggle.  
That's where d
oqit can help. Let your digital assistant, optimise your life admin to give you more time for what really matters.

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Key Features

Say hello to doqit , wave goodbye to the mix of solutions you're using,  and welcome your more organised life.
doqit's like having your personal digital assistant. With you 24/7 to help you keep track of bills, documents, and important dates.
Imagine sipping your morning coffee in peace, knowing you've perfected your life admin. That's the doqit difference.

Bill Tracking

Track your bills, subscriptions, and warranties, reminding you when something needs renewed or cancelled.

Document Organisation

Say goodbye to clutter—doqit organises all your important documents and information in one secure, digital space

Critical Reminders

From vehicle maintenance to insurance renewals, even birthdays, doqit ensures you never forget those dates that matter.

Peace of Mind

Experience true peace of mind with doqit, leaving you free to enjoy priceless moments with family and friends 

Use Cases

Hear how doqit is empowering these busy professionals to stay on top of their personal life admin, and thrive!

Molly's just bought her first property. Her new home information was neatly kept across a mix of cloud storage, her work and personal email as attachments, and calendars. Although organised, she had a constant nagging doubt that she might miss something. Having her documents, dates and reminders in one place has taken that away, allowing her to enjoy Casa Molly even more!  

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Product Manager

Say hello to Steven. A busy Area Manager getting married this year! Excel spreadsheets were always his thing. But they didn’t send him the nudges he needed to remind him to pay the venue deposit, book the band, and ensure his passport was up-to-date for Honeymoon. He said ‘I Do’ to doqit and now the only thing he and his husband-to-be need to worry about is the weather.

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Area Manager - Retail

Co-parenting can be challenging. Something Mark was familiar with. School term timetables, vaccination history and due dates, health insurances. The blue folder he kept it all in was great, but not something he could carry around with him. And relying on his children’s Mum to remind him of what was coming up made the dynamic tense. He’s fixed that and now has it all at his fingertips! 

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Sales Manager

Renting a second home involved more documentation that Lee had bargained for. Her ring binder had a tab for everything, and a pocket to hold her notebook with all her tax references and dates. Only when her daughter pointed out that it wasn’t particularly secure, taking a lot of effort to manage, and seeing the coffee stains – not waterproof! - did she realise she could streamline it all.

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Charity Worker

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