Should've Doq'ed it...

A car mechanic working under the bonnet of a silver car
  • November 27, 2023

We regularly hear from users and friends, and friends who are users, of those 'Should've gone to specsavers' 'DOH' moments. Like when you've been paying a subscription you had forgotten about three years ago. 

The story below is another use case: Car MOTs!

I was sure the garage sent me a reminder said one of my connections.

On a recent catch up with a connection over coffee, he was telling me he'd lent his car to his daughter. Only by chance did she ask when the MOT was due..... it had expired by about eight weeks🤯

He had been driving his car illegally.

And not only did this invalidate the car insurance, he could have been fined a whopping £1,000💷💷

Immediately, he booked the car in and breathed a sigh of relief that it was legal to drive again.

Relaying the story to a friend, the friend then said 'hang about, I'm not sure when my MOT is due'... and went off to check👀

Turns out, the friend's MOT AND Road Tax had both expired several months earlier.

We live busy lives. Stuff falls through the net all the time often having a wider impact
than we imagine😔

One of the reasons we’ve created Doqit.

Be confident your vehicle stuff doesn't fall through the net. By a imply adding your registration number Doqit will give you a timely reminder when both your MOT and Road Tax are due.... and give you somewhere to safely store all your vehicle documents and information🎉


No fuss. No worry. No fine!


SMEs - why not help your team manage their life admin challenges with Doqit. For less than the price of a cuppa you can give them a relevant benefit that removes some of that tricky friction that can distract them all day…. want to know more, drop me a note and let’s talk💫