A Purr-fect Use Case

A white furred cat with blue eyes, sitting on a chair.
  • November 13, 2023

It can sometimes be difficult to visualise what a world with optimised, under-control life admin might look like. How might a platform like Doqit help you, exactly? 

Well, if you were an OG reader of the blog, or even a proud owner of pets, you know just how much life-admin a pet can generate. But they're worth it, right?! Of course they are, but wouldn't it be nice if pet insurance and food orders and vet appointments were all in one place? Our furry friends create their own life admin and come with schedules, appointments and needs that require our attention 🐕

An early friend of Doqit (Sue) texted us the other day, telling us about her experience using Doqit to get her pet's paperwork all under control. This is her Sue's story (and a great example use-case for Doqit!)


We have two pets.

Honey our cat who's now 18, three legs... long story 🐈

Daisy, our four-legged waggy tailed Sprocker who's 4 🐾

Prior to Doqit, both the hubs and I would try to remember when vaccines, flea treatments and the likes were due.

And, at one point, I discovered I was paying £55 each month for Honey's insurance because it simply fell through the net 💰

When I checked the policy it covered international travel.

Perhaps a cheeky trip to visit her Norwegian Forest cousins had been organised that I'd missed 🛩

Having all our pet information in one place, with reminders for important dates, and the paperwork attached is making life easier.... and perhaps means we can go on a trip with the money we've saved from Honey's insurance 😎 ☀


Thanks Sue 💕 Doqit's not just for human's information, it makes your pet's life admin simpler too.