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  • November 3, 2023

A few years back, I'm not sure whether it was at a lunch or drinks, I was introduced to 'an investor' πŸŽ‰

In fact, he may well be the first angel investor I ever met.

I wasn't quite sure how the investment landscape worked back then; not that I'm an expert now πŸ‘€ but investment certainly fell under very wide umbrella that contained all the not knowing what I didn't know stuff.

Sharing his interesting corporate background, he also told me about his investment portfolio πŸ’Ή

It sounded like he didn't invest in technology. Nonetheless showed a healthy interest in hearing my plans, and asked how he could help

Plans at the time consisted of smoke, mirrors, a lot of jazz hands and very little else 😳

We went on to talk about exciting businesses we were both familiar with, and I asked if he'd invested in them.

No he said candidly; I can't see that I'd ever get a return on my money 🀫

Now, I'm a sales girl at heart, and I love a challenge and a goal.

I'd like you to invest in me one day I told him πŸ“ˆ

He gave me a wry smile, I accepted his offer of help, and we agreed to stay in touch.

As my passion for start-up grew and I began the founder journey, we'd often catch up β˜•

I'd share where I was at, and he'd offer sage words of advice. He became a trusted confidant whose advice I valued and company I enjoyed immensely.

Staying put, at the back of my mind my goal waited patiently. I knew he was a canny investor. I knew he found technology risky. I knew I wanted him to invest in me...

About 14 months ago when the research, wireframes, costings had all been done and we were ready to embark on our fundraise to build Doqit, I was really excited to share this next step with him 🎯

Practice your pitch on me he offered. And again, more sage advice and insights were shared.

So lucky to have someone with this level of experience offer such brilliant guidance πŸ€

And then the words... Catherine Ann, I'd like to invest in you.
I felt like I’d won the lottery 🎊   Only it was much more. It meant so much more.
This person had been on the journey, my journey, from the get-go. He knew the story warts and all. And still had sufficient faith to trust me with his hard-earned savings.
Money he could have spent on, well, anything πŸ₯‚
Earlier today we met for lunch. It's been a wee while since we last saw each other. As always he had some solid words of advice for me, and was visibly delighted to hear of our progress.

Even as we parted company, he offered a final 'tip'. Always done with grace and the best of intention to help me be the best possible version of myself βœ…
Having faith in yourself is one thing. Someone else having faith in you is really quite magical.
You know who you are… thank you for your continued faith in me πŸ’«

There's a reason early investors are called Angels.


Originally published as a LinkedIn Newsletter on 13/10/23. 

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