Do You Have Paperwork Panic?🤯

A folded up receipt made into a paper airplane, signifying paperwork panic
  • November 20, 2023

An article published earlier this year from research carried out by Simplyhealth highlighted some worrying stats around life admin overwhelm.

From a sample of 2000 adults:

🛑 19% have had an insurance policy run out resulting in them not being covered when they needed it.
🛑 20% believe their life admin tasks have grown over the past 12 months
✅ 40% are more likely to do it successfully if they can do it online or via an app

Stats that are not new to us but coupled with the cost-of-living crisis and hike in energy costs are getting worse.

Mental health overwhelm is on the rise and we want to help where we can 🤝

Doqit can help the 40% who are looking for a digital solution to help them manage their day to day life admin.

With easy saving of information and tasks, setting of reminders, all in one place the overwhelm of life admin will be reduced.... and renewal of important insurance docs never forgotten again 🎊

We understand life admin overwhelm which is why we've created Doqit. A single place to manage your paperwork panic that will reduce the time, unnecessary cost and stress it brings 💫 We believe that getting life admin under control can unlock great potential both for individuals, and for teams. 

If you want to discuss how we can help you help your team with a relevant benefit give us a shout, it'll be great to chat.